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Interfaith Climate Statement

At the Interfaith Summit in New York 2014, thirty religious leaders reflecting a balance of gender, religions, geography, strong moral leadership and knowledge, adopted a statement conveying a message on the threat of climate change and the importance of a fair and ambitious outcome of the international climate negotiations. You can add your name to the list of supporters!

ACT Alliance: ACT now for climate justice

Tell the World's Leaders: Climate change affects everyone but especially the most poor and vulnerable people. We call on you to cut carbon emissions drastically, and to help the world’s poorest to cope with the impacts of climate change while developing in a sustainable way.

OurVoices: Add your voice

I add my voice and urge our global leaders to prevent devastating climate change.

Global Catholic Climate Movement

Climate change affects everyone, but especially the poor and most vulnerable people. Impelled by our Catholic faith, we call on you to drastically cut carbon emissions to keep the global temperature rise below the dangerous threshold of 1.5°C, and to aid the world’s poorest in coping with climate change impacts.

The Interfaith Power and Light: “Paris Pledge”

Take the Paris Pledge and commit to reducing your carbon pollution by 50% by the year 2030 and to be carbon neutral by 2050. Together, we can make a real difference.

National Religious Partnership for the Environment: Faith Climate petition

As we approach the UN negotiations for 2015, we prayerfully ask that the US government lead, with a commitment to:
•  Legally binding solutions that reduce national greenhouse gas emissions to levels consistent with scientific recommendations that prevent the worst impacts of human induced climate change.
•  Provide poor and vulnerable communities here and abroad meaningful support to build low carbon and climate-resilient societies.

Take part in a climate pilgrimage

Pilgrimage in Mozambique, South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania, Kenya; Pilgrimage from Rome to Paris; The people's pilgrimage; Pilgrimage in Norway; Pilgrimage in Sweden; Pilgrimage in Finland; Pilgrimage in Germany; Pilgrimage in the UK; Pilgrimage in the Netherlands; Pilgrimage in France

Take part in a climate pilgrimage - Read More…

Fast for Climate

Stand with thousands of others fasting for action on climate change. A growing movement of youth, environmentalists and people of faith are showing their strength of commitment by going without food once a month to call for world leaders to do more to solve the climate crisis. Show your support by fasting for the climate.

Use social media


Tweet to the decision makers in your country or to decision makers on the global scene. Or share information about activities or news by using the hashtag #interfaithclimate.


Share your pictures using the hashtag #interfaithclimate.

Take part in activities during COP21 in Paris

27 November: Various pilgrimages to arrive in Paris.

28 November: Interreligious event: handing over petitions to decision makers; inter-religious prayer in the evening.

29 November: March organized by French civil society and around the world. Faith actors will meet and march together.

1 December: Fast for the Climate.

3 December: Ecumenical celebration in Notre Dame.

5-6 December: Taize community to organize prayer time.

11 December: Catholic mass with theme of hope.

12 December: Climate coalition march or other action.